REL 111: Eastern Religion

Course Outline


Baird, Forrest E. and Heimbeck,  Raeburne S.  Asian Philosophy, Upper Saddle River, NJ:  Prentice-Hall

2006. (Asian)


Fisher, Mary Pat. Living Religions: Eastern Traditions, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 2003. (Intro)


Part One:  Introduction

WEEK 1-2:  

Introduction to the Study of Religion
Ch. 1, “The Religious Response.”

Part Two:  Religions of South and Southeast Asia

WEEK 3 and 4:    

Intro   Ch. 2,  “Hinduism," pp. 42-64
Asian               "Vedic Origins" (3ff).

Week 5

Intro   Ch. 2,  “Hinduism," pp. 64-73.
Asian              “Shankara, A Thousand Teachings” (200ff).

WEEK 6:  

Intro    Ch. 2,  “Hinduism," pp. 73-89.
Asian               The Bhagavad Gita (150ff).

WEEK 6 and 7:  

Intro    Ch. 3, "Jainism."

Intro    Ch. 5, "Sikhism."

Mid term.

Part Three:  Buddhism, the Religions of China and Northeast Asia

WEEK 8: 

Intro    Ch. 4, "Buddhism," pp. 103-127.
Asian               Dhammapada (95ff).

WEEK 9:  

Intro  Ch. 4,     "Buddhism," pp. 128-147.
Asian               The Diamond Sutra (117ff).

WEEK 10 and 11: 

Intro    Ch. 6, "Taoism and Confusianism," pp. 171-185.
Asian               "Taoist Alternatives."

WEEK 12 and 13: 

Intro    Ch. 6, "Taoism and Confusianism" pp. 186-199.
Asian               “Confucian Origins”  (281ff)


Intro    Ch. 7, "Shinto" pp. 200-214.

WEEK 15-17: 

Intro    Ch. 8, "Religion in the Twentieth Century."

Final Exam 

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