The standards explained below are those which will be used in the evaluation of your papers. The assignments in my courses are all text based assignments. This means that you will be engaged in analyzing, interpreting, defending or challenging the arguments and/or positions found in texts. Thus, all your papers must clearly demonstrate a competent level of understanding the texts. In addition, to more effectively demonstrate that competence, all papers must be written according to the Modern Language Association Manual of Style. Remember too, at all times the goal of the paper is to convince me or your intended audience to see things your way.

A - EXCELLENT: Clearly an outstanding paper-engaging, imaginative, and well written.

B - ABOVE AVERAGE: A competent piece of writing that lacks the style and rigor of the A paper. C - AVERAGE: An adequate paper that lacks the rigor and precision of above average work. D - PASSING: Below average achievement in expressing ideas correctly and effectively. F - FAILING: Ideas vague. illogical, and ineffectively and inaccurately expressed; a clearly unacceptable paper.
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