on my shoulders,
makes me happy."
John Denver

hello- this is my blog- more or less.

Warning-  Icky stuff on this page.  If you are squeamish- don't scroll down- you may not sleep nights. (I don't.)

First little history.
Back in high school , I discovered that if I got a little sunburned- a nice shade of bright pink- the my acne didn't show up as much, and maybe even helped 'dry it up'.  Anyway- several of my pics back then showed me as bright to dark pink.  I never seemed to really tan.  Danish/English background.

Right out of high school I joined the Coast Guard, and after boot camp, got the choice assignment of Hawaii! And with an occasional trip to Alaska, and going to school there,  I spent 7 years there before deciding to go back home to get educated.  (BYU-Hawaii was too much fun.) (BYU-Provo- -Zoobie!)

Anyhoo-  my first day there off, I got off the bus at Ala Moana park and headed for the jetty.  And saw how incredibly beautiful a local gal's skin was. (Gal-  a mother with a couple kids)  Wow!  What a gorgeous, glowing, brown color!  I've been jealous ever since.  And tried ever since to come close-- silly me.  Actually could work up a good tan-  for a while.  Skin like leather now.

Several years back in Utah desert country- but hanging around lakes and pools,  got married, visited Florida and NY, then  got a job in NC and found a place near the beach first in KB then in CB.  Similar to Hawaii a good part of the year.  Fishing.  Boating (CG). Long walks. Bike rides. On the beach. Oh yes- even did tanning booths a few times.  Beaches in Lake Tahoe and San Diego and San Fransico.  Been around. Sunburn! (looks hot!) (pun intended)

My tribute to the Lifeguards.  Gee, what a job. Uniform is a swim suit, getting paid to get in shape-- morning run, swim, exercises,  then sit in the sun all day, and sometimes get to be a hero.  What a life.  Poor things-  already getting sun damage.  But they do look quite -- athletic. I'd pay to work out with them. oof. maybe.

So-  somewhere a while back a doctor wanted to check out a freckle on my shoulder (had lots of them!) but this one did turn out to be melanoma. Surgery-  about a 6 inch scar on my shoulder.  Chemical treatments (burns!).  Liquid Nitrogen (burns!).  15 more surgeries for squamus cell -- I look like I lost most of my sword-fights. A chemical peel (burns!) First a leg and arm,  then other leg and arm and face.  The face heals a lot quicker this way then a month of cream treatments.  I've used Efudex, Carac, and Aldara . They all hurt. I think we are going to try continuing but occasional Aldara treatment next.  I'll let you know.

  This was a few years back- Efudex treatment. I think the pics were a week or so apart
toward the end.  Takes a 3 or 4 weeks to hit max, then another 2 or 3 weeks before
it heals well enough to look human again. Not sure if they are in order. But you get the idea.
It hurts.  Takes lots of Vaseline to keep face from cracking and falling off.
Have done arms and upper chest also.
So-  within the last few months....year or less. (08-09)
Lessee-  both ears, forehead, back of neck-  I figure I'm entitled to wear a hat from now on (Tilley!). Shoulder, chest, ribs, upper back, lower back, upper arm, thigh, knee, shin, shin, shin, shin.(I wonder why?)

LL- stitches not out

UR- a stitch is 'spitting'

--getting better

Old one- almost invisible

Shortly after stitches out

Stitches in...

.... stitches out.

Stitches in...

Another one- again.

Stitches out...

...getting better.

Head shot...

...a few months ago.

Chemical Peel- day 1

day 2

day 3

3 again

3 again

day 4

day 7

day 10

Last month & this month

Last month...

...this month.

Back to the doctor for regular skin check.
The peel did make everything look much cleaner, but there were 3 things that stood out, so they took a sample, one a dark freckle thats always been there, a spot on my elbow, and a crusty spot on my other shin.  Well- wait a few days and see what happens.
The ones on the lower legs are worst- only because you have stay off your feet for a couple days (if possible). Hurts to walk.
Summer schedule-  every morning try for 12 miles on the bike- Big hat, big shirt, big pantaloons (black karate pants), bike gloves, and sandles.  And sun-spray.  Starting to get warmish, tho.  Might go back to my rash-guard swim shirt.
Well- got the news--  the freckle on my back was 'wierd', but ok.  My elbow and shin were positive. The elbow is small- should be no problem.  The shin, I think, is going to hurt. Big crusty spot that's gonna have to be cut out.  Should be hearing from my plastic surgeon soon.

Well-  Had the surgery last Monday-  it's been a week now.  End of next week I can get the stitches out.  I already have itches in the stitches.
To make matters worse, I've aquired an allergy to sticky tape.  Anytime they use tape on a bandage, within couple days I start having rash- so we've discovered a mesh sleeve works best to hold bandage in place whiles it's healing. Clean with peroxide twice daily. Mupirocin.
I took the first couple shots- then decided I didn't have a good view, so let the nurse take a few shots.  I think she enjoyed it.

Surgery pics-  icky stuff!  You've been warned!

Marking the area-  shots.

The chunk removed.

Triangular flap---

stretched and stitched.

The pain-killer shot also has epinephrine in it-  which constricts arterioles in the skin- making it bleed less.  Don't pull your stitches, you'll be ok.
Next--  new pics.

They say dog owners start looking like their dogs.  Mine got attacked by a pack.

Jan/Feb 2011?


2 or 3 weeks later.

Every now an then after a checkup I either get some more freeze-burns (liquid nitrogen) or more little operations.  Just had a couple more on my right leg, and my doc says it's about time for another chemical peel this fall.  Oh joy.  But I'm actually doing pretty good- the 'procedures' and getting less and less often.  Hats and suncreens!