My Cataracts page...

I was wondering why my glasses never seem to be clean enough. Then I finally noticed one eye see to be getting cloudier. Went to eye doc- last check up was ok-- but now, yup, a cataract is forming.  He said it's a 'young person's cataract' (how nice) meaning that it is not the slow forming kind of old age, it is an exponentially fast forming kind that usually results from a head trauma in the past or from too much drugs like prednizone (?). Said I would be 'in trouble' by Christmas, and the other eye soon to follow. So  I got left cataract replaced with the $$$ multi-focus lens, and coupel weeks later got the right replaced with a $$ regular single (far) focus lens.  So now I can somewhat read (if enough light) close up, and see quite well at a distance, but still prefer my new glasses for reading books or driving at night.  But wow! Clear as crystal!

My Doc.

Symptoms were glare at night,
Darker and fuzzier vision.
See examples: