Lose Weight- Get in Shape

Easy as A-B-C !

The secret to a long and healthy life.

'A' stands for Aerobic.
Duh-  you need exercise.  Here is an easy way.  Pick one. Then do it.

'B' stands for Be- as in Be Persistent. Be Steady. Be consistent.

It took you years to put on that extra 50 pounds,  it ain't gonna come off in a week.  Keep at it for a couple months.
Takes about an hour and a half each day (3 to 5 times a week).  If it gets easier, crank it up! Do it faster or do it longer.

'C' stands for Carbs.

Bad carbs.  Processed carbs. Quit eating them!  Here is an easy formula:  Take carbs and divide by fiber. If it is 12 or less, you are probly ok. More than that, you should probly leave it alone.  Stick with fresh stuff.  You NEVER need seconds.

Sleep well, drink lots of pure water, breathe pure air, and laugh.  Watch sunsets. Volunteer.  Help others. Enjoy! Life is Good.
My morning bike rides.... 12 miles to end of island and back..    Note turtle nest getting ready to 'boil'.

“Do or do not... there is no try.”     Yoda