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If a man's from Texas, he'll tell ya.  If he's not, don't embarrass him.

Apparently I was born in Texas, but mostly raised in Utah.  At 17, I ran off to sea--  I joined the Coast Guard.
Home port Hawaii, with a couple trips to Alaska, and a good portion of the Pacific Ocean. When discharged, I stayed
and went to CCH (Coconut College of Hawaii) which became BYU-Hawaii.  After I took everything 3 times
(i.e. Polynesian Dance, Music, Asian Religions, Underwater Basket-weaving, plus some math and computers)
I decided I better get back to BYU Provo and get educated. Degreed in Education, with major in Math Ed, and
minor in Computer Science Ed. First job taught in a K-12 school in the mountains where the priorities were ....
basketball. That's all.  Lived in a log cabin.  Soon got a job nearer civilization and taught Jr. High and had to deal
with Jr. High parents.  Enough.  Went into computer field. Worked for companies like Prodigy, Packard Bell, Iomega,
and a little company called Century Software. Tiny Term (Terminal Emulation software).  Meanwhile was working on
my Master's at University of Phoenix  (for working adults) in CIS.  Soon as I finished, found a job at CFCC, and taa daa!
15 years later-  I am still here. Back into teaching.  And loving it.  College students much better then Jr. High students.


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