Spring 2016

CET 172 NYE01 Th- 5:30 (Hybrid)
Credits:3  Class : 2  Lab: 3

Course Title : Internet Technologies
Instructor: Keith Wilson
Course Number: CET 172
Office: NB-227  (Hours Posted)
Room: NB-201
Phone: 362-7177
Web:  http://cfcc.edu/wilsok
E-mail: kwilson@cfcc.edu

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Prerequisites:    None

Corequisites:     None

Required Text      Campbell; Discovering The Internet, Complete, 5th Ed. Cengage Learning. 2015
Required Supplies:  Flash Drive or Floppy Disk or other storage media.

Course Description :

The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to Internet technologies and prepare students to pass vendor independent internet technology certification exams. Topics cover using different Internet protocols, programming on the Internet, the OSI model, the Internet infrastructure, security, and e-commerce. Upon completion, students should be prepared to take vendor independent Internet technology certification exams.
Course Objectives : • The student will be able to describe the origin, history, and structure of the Internet.
• The student will demonstrate the use of file types and protocols
• The student will demonstrate the ability to effectively use Internet tools and utilities such as e-mail, browsers,
    search engines, news groups, list server, chat rooms, and file transfers.
• The student will demonstrate the ability to write in Hypertext Markup Language(HTML)
• The student will design and maintain his/her own web site incorporating an e-mail link, internal and external link,
    frames, tables, file transfer, and multimedia capabilities.
• The student will demonstrate an understanding of the issues involved in web site design and implementation.
• The student will be able to characterize the role of the Internet in today’s society and discuss issues such as
intellectual property rights, and personal security and privacy


Course Grade Determination:
Grading System:

Tests/Quizzes 40%  A = 92 - 100 I=Incomplete
Labs: 30% B = 84 - 91 WP=Withdraw Passing
Research Paper: 10%  C = 76 - 83  WF=Withdraw Failing
Web Page Project: 20% D = 68 - 75 

F = 0 - 67   


Chapter tests are open book, done online through Blackboard.   Test schedule will be followed as outlined in Outline.
If you miss a test day, you are expected to take the test as soon as you can when you return.  Re-takes may be allowed
under special circumstances, discuss with instructor.

Computer Engineering Department Computer Use Policy:

Use of laptops or other student computers in Computer Engineering Labs:
Students may use their personal computers.  Notify department for Wi-Fi logins.

             Proxy server:

 We are running a proxy server on our network.  This means that all information that you use to log into a site is logged and can be monitored.  We will know the time, date, and web site contacted by every computer   in every lab.  Remember Big Brother is watching you! 


Information contained in this syllabus was, to the best knowledge of the instructor, considered correct and complete when distributed for use at the beginning of the semester. However, this syllabus should not be considered a contract between Cape Fear Community college and any student, nor between the instructor and any student. The instructor reserves the right, acting within the policies and procedures of Cape Fear Community College, to make changes in course content or instructional techniques without notice or obligation.