Course Title : Intro to Computers Instructor: Keith Wilson
Course Number: CIS 110
Room: AT-227 (NB)
Room:  Various
Phone: 362-7177

Outline of Instruction:       Spring 2016

This course is run in SAM through Blackboard.
You must have at the least a SAM access code.

Here is link to Syllabus

From Module 1 in Blackboard, if it were available:

You must take time now to set up your SAM account online.  If you do not set up your SAM account during this assignment, you will not be ready to complete the other assignments or tests for the course. 

In your browser, go to  Once in the SAM website, you will need to click the new user button and set up your SAM account.   

The Institution Key for Cape Fear Community College is T2023644.  

Then you must enter your individual key code that you will find included in your textbook bundle - Please be gentle when tearing open the SAM license package not to rip the number on the inside of the package.  Then you need to fill in your account information, as well as choosing a username and password.  Please use the first and last name that you registered with at CFCC and use your myCFCC portal email address as your username (ex:  Use the same password that you use for Blackboard.

You then need to join your section CIS-110 I0#Z by clicking the sections button on the left and then click the join section button at the top-left.  Select your class section from the list (please only choose to join this section of CIS 110 - be careful, there are many different CIS sections), then Save. 

Don't worry if you see a notice that you are on a waiting list to join your section of CIS 110.  It is standard practice for instructors that use SAM to not auto-enroll students, but instead accept each student in the SAM section.  I will do this as soon as possible. Now, practice logging out of SAM and logging back in again. 

You will be completing SAM assignments, SAM projects, and SAM exams throughout the semester, therefore SAM is a huge component of this online course.  If you have having difficulties in SAM, contact me as soon as possible at

Once you have been taken off the waiting list for your class in SAM, you will be able to access the assignments for your class there.  To sort your SAM assignments list alphabetically, click the word "Assignment" twice at the top of the list. 

Complete the Enroll Verification SAM Orientation Assignment to ensure that you are able to successfully see and interact with flash windows in SAM. 

There is no grade for this assignment, but it allows me to see that you are able to use SAM properly.  Therefore, I will be checking to see that you completed it.

If you wish, and are able, you may try some the assignments, i.e. Binary, Security, Browsers, Windows, File Management.