Fall 2014

Course Title: Advanced Hardware/Softare Support
Instructor: Keith Wilson
Course Number: CTS 220 
Room: NB 227  Applied Technologies Bldg.
Room: NB-224 Phone: 362-7177
Web:  http://cfcc.edu/wilsok
E-mail: kwilson@cfcc.edu

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( I am not teaching this class this semester )

Prerequisites:    CTS 110

Required Text:   Andrews, Jean. A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC, Course Technology, 8th Ed. 2014.

Supplies:  At least a couple of Floppy Disks.   A flash drive is also recommended.

Course Description:

This course covers concepts of repair service, and upgrade of computers and peripherals in preparation for industry certification.
Topics may include resolving resource conflicts and system bus specifications, configuration and troubleshooting
peripherals, operating system configuration and optimization, and other related topics. Upon completion, students should
be able to identify and resolve system conflicts and optimize system performance.
Course Objectives: