Welcome to the Intro to Internet Online class!

First of all, have you looked at the general   Distance Education Orientation?

Try the Self-Quiz.     Look at the Tips for Success.   Now please continue...

Some people take the "hare" approach- you know, the race between the tortise and the hare? The hare decided the challenge was so minimal that he took a long (semesters) nap and then tried to catch up at the last moment. You should allow the same amount of time per week as you would an on-campus class.  You may not need it-- but then again, you might.

Please note: An average semester class is 5 hours per week for 16 weeks.  A summer term needs about 8 hours per week for 10 weeks to balance out, so the schedule will have to be compacted for summer.

Required Text:    See Syllabus

Depending on the book and the semester- there will be several assigned chapters, and there will be a little test on each chapter. There are also several  Modules, each with several assignments, and there are several lab assignments, plus a project or two.The other chapters are interesting, too-- just no test on them.

Required Equipment: A computer with Internet access (!)

The Blackboard system:
Computer services will put your name and ID into Blackboard from official registration records- they will be using your first initial, middle initial , lastname,and last 2or 3  digits of your Collegue ID-- initial password will be last 7 digits of your  SSN (change it!).  Once you log in you can change your password.  Go to http://online.cfcc.edu and you should see something like  this, then this. Once you've logged on and chosen the CET 172 class, you will be on the main screen which should look something like this.  You will then be able to start the class as outlined in the first announcement.  (Newer versions may look a little different.)