Grading Rubic

Module #1 Searching
Chapter Tests (9)
Module #2 - FTP,Telnet 10
Research Paper or Business page
Module #3 - Table 10
Personal Web Site
Module #3 - Sound. Video 10
Module #5 - Forms 10
Ads and Articles  15
Module #5 - Frames 10

Module #6 - Animated Gifs 10
Total Projects 400
Module #6- Image Maps 10
Total Modules 100 Module #7- Scripts 10
TOTAL 500 Module #8 - Applets 10

Grading Scale for the Course

  • A: 92 - 100
  • B: 84 - 910
  • C: 76 - 83
  • D: 67 - 75
  • F: Below 67

  • Tips for Successful Course Completion

    1. Print copy of Assignments in the Assignment folder.
    2. Print copy of the Schedule and Grading Rubic.
    3. Plan your semester to ensure adequate time to complete assignments. A good rule of thumb is to try and complete your assignments a week in advance. This gives you plenty of time to resolve any potential technical problems you may encounter prior to the stated due date.
    4. Refer to your Assignment Schedule as often as you would like to ensure you are on track with the course requirements.
    5. Complete and submit assignments as directed in your Assignments folder. NOTE: Remember to always save a copy of your assignments prior to submission.
    6. Anticipate timely feedback from your instructor regarding your assignments. This feedback may be in the form of personal e-mail or discussion forum responses.
    7. Monitor your overall progress in the course anytime by referring to the Check Your Grade function under Student Tools.
    Course Withdrawal Procedure
    Refer to your college catalog for specific withdrawal procedure.

    Academic Honesty
    Note that in addition to good academic performance, students should exhibit the qualities of honesty and integrity. If there is any question that academic honesty and integrity are not honored, students may be required to redo assignments in the presence of an instructor-selected monitor. Any proof of dishonesty including plagiarism will make students subject to disciplinary action. Please consult your college catalog for more information.