Internet 101

How to make a Web page

The goal here is to have some examples here that can be incorporated into your own web pages. You can view source, or save page and open with Notepad to see the coding, and then you can copy and paste, and change it to fit your page.

  1. The first step is to create the basic form with the html, head and body tags.
  2. The next step is to start formatting text with heading sizes, centering, and colors.
  3. Then you start adding images using "img src= "somefile.gif"". 
  4. And then include links using "a href="pagename.html"".
Such as... This is a link to my page

Sample Sounds Page -- examples of embedded sounds.

Another try

Sample Form page.

Sample Frames pages.  Go to Area of Responsibility

Sample of an Image Map.  Extremely complicated version.  Simplify! Circles and Rects are much easier! (Links are broken.)

Link to javascript and applet page

Then you can start "sprucing" up your page with background images, buttons, graphics, thumbnails, tables, frames, lists, mailto links, music, animations, and so on.

Here is a sample thumbnail link- click on smiley.oops, where is smiley face?