Maximum Time Frame Appeal

Students who have exceeded the maximum time frame for their declared program of study must submit an “Exceeding Maximum Time Frame” appeal.  The student must be meeting the cumulative 2.0 grade point average and 67% cumulative completion rate in order to submit a maximum time frame appeal.

A complete maximum time frame appeal will include:

  1. The “Exceeding Maximum Time Frame” Appeal form, and
  2. A copy of the student’s program evaluation, and
  3. A typed statement explaining the student’s circumstances.
  4. If a student chooses to make his/her own presentation to the Subcommittee, a written request to do so must accompany the appeal letter.

Additional instructions appear on the “Exceeding Maximum Time Frame” Appeal form.  An appeal submitted without adequate documentation will be denied.

A student for whom a maximum time frame appeal is approved will be expected to complete 100% of all attempted credit hours with a minimum 2.0 grade point average each semester following the appeal approval.

Important Dates

Summer 2017

  • May 15-- Students may begin charging in the bookstore
  • May 19--Final Registration/Schedule Adjustment Day
  • May 22 -- Classes Begin- 10 week full session and 1st Mini Session
  • May 27--Last day for 75% refund - 10 week session (10% point of semester)
  • May 29 -- Closed Holiday
  • June 2 -- Last day to charge books
  • June 22 -- Financial Aid checks mailed (all first mini and first half of full session loans)
  • June 27 -- Students may begin charging books for 2nd mini session
  • June 28 -- Classes begin - 2nd mini session
  • June 30--Last day for 75% refund - 2nd mini
  • June 30 -- Last day to charge books for the 2nd mini session
  • July 4--Holiday - College Closed
  • July 10-- Financial Aid checks mailed for 2nd disbursement of Summer only Full Session Loans
  • July 21 -- Financial Aid checks mailed -- 2nd mini session (all loan funds incl)

The 2017-18 Scholarship Application and Award Period will be from July 5, 2017 – May 31, 2018


Under Revision – Re-opens July 5, 2017


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