Payment of Tuition, Fees, and Books

An electronic account is established for students who receive financial aid, into which the funds are deposited. After course registration, Business Office personnel deduct the amount of tuition and fees owed to CFCC. This same account can be used to purchase books at the CFCC bookstore if funds remain after payment of tuition and fees.

The student will be liable for tuition and fees and the cost of books exceeding the amount of financial aid received.

Important Dates

Spring 2019

  • Jan 3 - Students may begin charging in the bookstore
  • Jan 3 - Classes begin - Full semester and 1st mini session
  • Jan 9 - Final schedule adjustment
  • Jan 14 - Last day for 75% refund
  • Jan 21 - Holiday - College closed
  • Feb 1 - Last day to charge books
  • Feb 22 - Financial aid checks mailed
  • Mar 11 - Students may begin charging books for the 2nd mini session
  • Mar 16 - Last day for 75% refund - 2nd mini session
  • Mar 25 - Financial Aid checks mailed for 2nd disbursement of Spring only Full Session loans
  • Apr 8 - Financial aid checks mailed - 2nd mini session
  • Apr 15 - Financial Aid checks mailed for 2nd disbursement of Spring 2nd mini session only loans

The 2018-19 Scholarship Application and Award Period will be from July 5, 2018 – May 31, 2019

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