Pay it forward…
it comes back to you!

The CFCC Campus Fund is supported by the generous employees of Cape Fear Community College.

CFCC faculty and staff contribute to the fund, every year to provide scholarships for students, support for CFCC’s grant program, and funds for professional development for employees, just to name a few. This participation demonstrates the dedication and compassion of CFCC employees and sets a wonderful example for the students and community we serve. The CFCC Foundation hosts a Campus Fund initiative at the beginning of each academic year, but employees also donate year-round to commemorate birthdays and other special occasions, or as a memorial to loved ones.

About your Campus Fund gifts:

  • CFCC Campus Fund gifts support CFCC students through scholarships, Foundation grants (formerly mini-grants), and provide support to academic programs and to Sea Devil athletics.
  • Our students need and appreciate our help! About 80 percent of CFCC students apply for financial assistance.
  • Every gift – no matter how big or small – makes a difference! Sometimes the cost of one textbook is a barrier to a student’s success in class.
  • A gift of $1,500 provides tuition and books for a CFCC student for one semester. This equals about $5 per work day – less than the cost of eating a fast-food meal.
  • Your generosity shows the greater community that our employees believe in our mission and helps the CFCC Foundation take the message of “Raising Funds, Raising Hopes and Fulfilling Dreams” to an even broader audience.
  • You can donate to the CFCC Campus Fund all year and make donations to honor or remember friends and family on special occasions or holidays. We will even send an acknowledgement card to your honoree to inform them about your gift!
  • Your support of CFCC students is an investment in the local community. Most CFCC graduates remain in the area and add to the local economy. One out of every seven county residents has taken classes at CFCC in the past year.

What YOUR gifts provided from the 2017 – 2018 Campus Fund

  • Annual Scholarships.
  • Endowed Scholarships.
  • Sea Devil Athletics.
  • Program Support including the Center for Teaching Excellence, International Center, Minority Male Mentoring, Humanities and Fine Arts Programs, Math Department, Health Sciences and many others.
  • Wilson Center.
  • Unrestricted or current needs supported the following:
    • Foundation grants for faculty and staff.
    • Merit Scholar Program
    • Student Ambassador Program (assistance)
    • Summer tuition assistance for faculty and staff


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