CFCC Foundation Merit Scholarships


Student scholarships are established through donations to the CFCC Foundation. Criteria for scholarships are specified by a donor in collaboration with Foundation staff, ensuring the most efficient use of the donation while helping as many students as possible.

The Foundation establishes endowed and non-endowed scholarships. Endowed scholarships are generated through the investment of permanently held principals from which only the interest is used. Non-endowed scholarships are those from which all funds are dispersed as scholarships rather than as long-term investments. These scholarships are commonly referred to as pass-through scholarships.


2014 Recipients of CFCC Foundation Merit Scholarships

Merit Scholarships

Many outstanding local high school students want to attend CFCC. To assist them, the CFCC Foundation awards Merit Scholarships annually to deserving New Hanover and Pender County seniors who exhibit academic excellence. To qualify for a CFCC Merit Scholarship, you must:

  • Be a current high school senior
  • Have applied for or been approved to enroll in CFCC in a curriculum program
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from your high school principal, guidance counselor, or a high school teacher
  • Demonstrate academic potential through high school grades, rank in class, and/or aptitude test results
  • Be a US citizen or documented alien

Consideration will be given for non-school activities, work experience and community service. To apply for a Merit Scholarship, students should see their high school counselor or download an application from this website (available in early spring).

The CFCC Financial Aid Office administers scholarships to CFCC students. Students should contact the Financial Aid office for applications, forms and specific information (910-362-7338).