The mission of the Humanities and Fine Arts Department is to increase the cultural knowledge of students and to develop their skills in artistic production, communication, and cultural analysis.  This mission is accomplished through the study of art, communication, drama, film, foreign languages, music, philosophy, and religion.  This increase in knowledge and skill will give students a greater understanding of the cultural world around them and the ability to impact that cultural world with their own creative endeavors.

The Humanities and Fine Arts Department offers courses in Art, Communication, Drama, Humanities (including Film), Foreign Languages, Music, Philosophy, and Religion.  Many of these courses can be used to fulfill requirements for the various degrees offered by CFCC.  One primary goal of the department is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully transfer to a four-year college or university.  See the CFCC catalog for more details.

Associate in Fine Arts Degree

The Humanities and Fine Arts Department also offers Associate in Fine Arts degrees (AFA degrees) for those planning to pursue major study in the arts at the four-year level.  The Associate in Fine Arts degree is offered with pre-majors in Art, Drama, Music, and Music Education.  See Associate in Fine Arts (pp. 74-82 of the catalog) for more details.

News and Events

For information about all the exciting activities and events involving students and faculty follow this link: News and Events.

Humanities and Fine Arts Center

The Humanities and Fine Arts Department will move into a new, state-of-the-art facility in the fall of 2015.  This new Humanities and Fine Arts Center will include a 1500-seat theater, art and music studios, classrooms, and offices for instructors.

Humanities and Fine Arts 3

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Wilma W. Daniels Art Gallery

The Humanities and Fine Arts Department also houses the Wilma W. Daniels Art Gallery.




Brandon Guthrie, Department Chair, S-202, 910-362-7431, wbguthrie075@mail.cfcc.edu


Kelly Nash, Secretary, S-202, 910-362-7442, ktnash516@mail.cfcc.edu