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Auditions for Directors’ Showcase Feb. 26 and 27

Monday, February 19th, 2018


Monday, February 26th 3:15-5:30

Tuesday, February 27th 3:30-5:00 pm.

 WA-1041 (Studio Theater) in the Wilson Center.

Cape Fear Community College will hold auditions for the upcoming Directing Showcase where four student-directed/student-acted, one-act plays will be presented.  To be performed Friday, April 27th, and Saturday, April 28th at 8pm

 The following roles will be cast:


Wildwood Park

Written By Doug Wright

Directed by Chrisse Harker

 Ms. Haviland is having issues selling a house with a disturbing past.  When Dr. Simian, a mysterious stranger, seems interested in the home, Ms. Haviland is suspicious.  At the conclusion of the house tour, Dr. Simian’s identity is revealed, and Ms. Haviland may be changed forever. 

Ms. Haviland- Late 20’s-early 30’s, an experienced realtor.  Ms. Haviland takes her work very seriously, and she is highly suspicious of anyone who wants to buy this particular house from her.

 Dr. Simian- Late 20’s-early 30’s.  Dr. Simian is disarmingly handsome, and a charmer.  He is educated, smart and articulate.  He is of indeterminate age.


Deep Jersey

Written By Nina Shengold

Directed by Amber Bedell

 Returning to a small New Jersey town to care for her sick mother, a semi-successful novelist runs into an old high-school classmate in a 24-hour convenience store at 3:30 a.m.


Angie Spiotto: late 40s-early 50s, former cheerleader probably peaked in high school, thick Jersey accent.

 Lauren Blair: late 40s-early 50s, one hit wonder author whose book became a poorly adapted lifetime movie.  Her Jersey accent sneaks in like crabgrass.

Strange Fruit

Written By Neil LaBute

Directed by John-Paul Coffman

 Tom and Jerry, two men who met in the late summer of their lives, recount for the audience their romance and subsequent marriage. As the story progresses, it is revealed that Jerry has been dead for sixteen years.

Tom:  Early 40’s, a previously closeted, divorced father.  Tom is a shy man who has come to terms with his homosexuality and his love for Jerry.

 Jerry:  Late 30’s-early 40’s, a career gay man who has been around the block, and ended up choosing the picket fence life with Tom. Self-assured, confident, and deeply romantic.

90 Days

Written By Elizabeth Meriwether

Directed by Will Polk

 Elliot is in rehab for drug addiction. When his girlfriend, Abby, calls to check in on him, their chat wanders from half-truth to miscommunication, with some awkward phone seduction mixed in. This short and funny staged phone call shows the first tentative steps towards fixing a relationship, starting with tater tots and a failed excuse for a teapot.

ELLIOT – Late 20’s-early 30’s, Elliot is Abby’s fiancé, he’s doing 90 days for drug rehabilitation.  He’s willing to move forward with Abby, but he needs to know she accepts him for who he is.

 ABBY – Late 20’s-early 30’s, Abby is engaged to Elliot, but the wedding was called off due to Elliot’s addiction.  Abby is in denial about the seriousness of Elliot’s drug abuse.  She loves Elliot, but has a secret.

Auditions will be held in the Studio Theater in the Wilson Center (701 N. 3rd St.).

 Auditionees should sign up outside of the theatre for a time, and be prepared to read from the script.  Scripts for all roles are provided under the sign in sheet at the Studio Theater.  All, including those with no experience, are encouraged to audition; the cast will be limited to Cape Fear Community College’s students/faculty/staff.

 First read-thru will begin March 12th.  Rehearsal times will vary.

 More info: contact Jack Landry at

Philip Singleton plays with Tallis Chamber Orchestra on Feb. 11

Friday, February 2nd, 2018

CFCC Music Instructor Philip Singleton will play with the Tallis Chamber Orchestra.  See poster for details: