Artist Lee Motts Visits a CFCC Art Class

September 28th, 2019 by eebrandon37

Lee Motts gave a lecture to students in Abby Perry’s Art 240 Intro to Painting course at CFCC. Motts is a Golden Certified Artist and travels throughout the Southeast teaching how to use acrylics and mediums for painting and mixed media. Students were taught the history of the employee owned Golden Company and what paint production is as an industry. Motts demonstrated how different paint bodies and mediums interact to achieve a variety of affects on different surfaces through painting, collage, and printmaking techniques.

1 man standing, 4 students sitting indoors 1 man lecturing, 4 students sitting and listening 1 man standing, holding a sheet of paper with paint on it 1 man standing, working with paint on a table 1 man standing, working with paint on a table