CFCC’s Jack Landry in Three Television Shows that Filmed this Summer

August 21st, 2019 by eebrandon37

Jack Landry, CFCC Drama Instructor, acted in three different television shows that filmed in summer 2019.  The episodes will air this fall and next year.
Mr. Landry was “Bill Dwyer” in the second episode of Bluff City Law, NBC’s new Jimmy Smits show.  The pilot airs Sept 23rd.  His episode is Sept. 30th.
Bluff City Law
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He was the “Coast Guard Captain” in the 10th episode of Netflix’s new Outer Banks.  The pilot will air next year on Netflix.


He was “John,” the manager of an electronics store, in Mr. Mercedes on the Audience Network.  It will air sometime in late October  on the Audience network (Direct TV’s network).

Jack Landry in character sitting at a desk

Jack Landry posing for a photo with a co-worker Jack Landry on the set of Bluff City Law with 5 other people Jack Landry in his coast guard uniform posing with a co-worker