Communications Courses


COM 110 Intro to Communication

This course provides an overview of the basic concepts of communication and the skills necessary to communicate in various contexts. Emphasis is placed on communication theories and techniques used in interpersonal group, public, intercultural, and mass communication situations.

COM 111 Voice and Diction I

This course provides guided practice in the proper production of speech. Emphasis is placed on improving speech, including breathing, articulation, pronunciation, and other vocal variables.

COM 120 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

This course introduces the practices and principles of interpersonal communication in both dyadic and group settings. Emphasis is placed on the communication process, perception, listening, self-disclosure, speech apprehension, ethics, nonverbal communication, conflict, power, and dysfunctional communication relationships.

COM 140 Introduction to Intercultural Communication

This course introduces techniques of cultural research, definitions, functions, characteristics, and impacts of cultural differences in public address. Emphasis is placed on how diverse backgrounds influence the communication act and how cultural perceptions and experiences determine how one sends and receives messages.

COM 150 Introduction to Mass Communication

This course introduces print and electronic media and the new information technologies in terms of communication theory and as economic, political, and social institutions. Emphasis is on the nature, history, functions, and responsibilities of mass communication industries in a global environment and their role and impact in American society.

COM 160 Small Group Communication

This course provides an overview of the theory, practice, and critical analysis of communication in the small group setting. Emphasis is placed on group development, conflict, and conformity; leadership skills and styles; group roles and ranks; and decision making, problem solving, and conflict resolution.

COM 231 Public Speaking

This course provides instruction and experience in preparation and delivery of speeches within a public setting and group discussion. Emphasis is placed on research; preparation; delivery; and evaluation of informative, persuasive, and special occasion public speaking.

COM 232 Election Rhetoric

This course provides an overview of communication styles and topics characteristic of election campaigns. Topics include election speeches, techniques used in election campaigns, and election speech topics.

COM 250 Public Communication

This course provides a comprehensive theoretical background for the practice of speaking in public utilizing rhetoric principles applied in a series of speaking experiences. Emphasis is on informative and persuasive advanced speaking skills; speaking using the teleprompter, and on-camera presentations of news, weather and commercials.

COM 251 Debate I

This course introduces the principles of debate. Emphasis is placed on argument, refutation, research, and logic.

COM 252 Debate II

This course continues the study of debate begun in COM 251. Emphasis is placed on argument, refutation, research, and logic.