Foreign Languages




Housed under the Humanities and Fine Arts Department, Foreign Languages at CFCC provide students with the opportunity to develop both cultural and linguistic competence. Talented instructors use a variety of teaching styles and methodologies to enhance the foreign language learning experience.  All language courses at CFCC are transferable to senior colleges and credit is awarded for the fulfillment of a foreign language requirement and/or a humanities elective after students transfer.

Most students who take a foreign language at CFCC do so because the senior colleges they wish to transfer to, including UNCW, ECU, UNCG, UNCA, App State and UNC-CH, require the completion of some foreign language for graduation. The two most popular destinations for CFCC transfer students, UNCW and ECU, require 2-3 semesters and 2 full years respectively. Hence, students wishing to transfer to these schools are strongly encouraged to start with a foreign language during their first year at CFCC. Other students take a foreign language at CFCC in order to satisfy a humanities elective either for a degree from CFCC or to earn language credit for a humanities general education elective or global awareness elective before they transfer to a senior college of their choice. Still others take a foreign language because they would like to learn a foreign language and culture.

Newsweek has ranked foreign languages as one of the 10 “most useful college majors” in 2012.  Start with a foreign language at CFCC and find out why knowing a foreign language is a valuable skill.

At this time, CFCC offers three languages: French, German, and Spanish. For more information on the courses offered, please click on the link to the right.

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