Spanish Faculty



Mónica Marsten

Phone: (910)362-7271


Office: S-403

Mónica Marsten comes from Chile where she earned a B.A. in business from Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María in Valparaiso.  After moving to Tucson, she earned her M.A. in Spanish literature from the University of Arizona. 

She has lived in Europe and traveled extensively throughout South America and the United States. Some of her favorite experiences include visiting the Galapagos Islands, Macchu Picchu and crossing the Andes mountains. Mónica frequently brings her experiences into the classroom discussion and believes that the learning experience is more effective if it is demonstrated to be relevant and interesting. 

In her classes, grammar and vocabulary are taught as well as the cultural aspects of conversational language.  She emphasizes to her students that learning another language not only promotes critical thinking skills but makes the students and the world about them more interesting.





Tanesha Parker

Phone: 362-7435


Office: S-202A

Tanesha Parker holds a B.A. in Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She earned her Master’s Degree in Spanish at the University of South Carolina.

 Ms. Parker has been teaching Spanish for CFCC since August 1999. In her time at the institution, she has co-led study abroad trips to Spain, Uruguay, and Argentina. For the past few years, she has served and provided student-volunteers for the Kids’ Festival as part of the annual Latino Festival in Wilmington. She also serves as a community interpreter when the need arises and her time allows her to do.

She LOVES to incorporate humor in her classroom to make her students feel more at ease when communicating in the Spanish language. Students are immediately involved in interactive activities to facilitate communication in real-life situations. She demands that her students actively and consistently participate as way to help them to internalize the target language. She also uses a variety of audio/visual mediums as a way to appeal to various learning styles.


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Adjunct Faculty

Sutton Boney





Vivian Graciela Ferreyra

Phone: (910)362-7442



Ms. Ferreyra received a B.S. and an M.S. in Agricultural Engineering from the Universidad Nacional de
Salta, Argentina. She received an M.A. in Spanish, University of North Carolina Wilmington.  

Vivian was born and raised in Argentina. She has been teaching Spanish classes at CFCC since 2009 and also is a UNCW Lower Division Spanish Lecturer.

With the conviction that learning is easier when students enjoy the activities that professors use to teach, Vivian decided about a year ago to incorporate music into the Spanish classroom. Singing would create a good learning atmosphere, motivate her students, and help them achieve good pronunciation and aid in memorizing grammar and vocabulary. With the help of a local musician, Vivian has arranged and copyrighted five songs to suit her classes, which will be sung by the Saint Mary Latino Choir and recorded in the future.

She also would like to incorporate animation into her work.