Cape Fear Community College’s Art Department offers strong foundational instruction with emphasis on visual literacy, technical and observational skills, critical thinking and artistic expression. The art offerings consist of studio and non-studio courses. These courses — all of which are transferable — can lead you toward a specialized Associate of Fine Arts degree or may fulfill general education requirements for any other two year degree.

Students may also take these courses for general knowledge or pleasure. CFCC’s art students range in age from 16 to 65. Courses may be taken for credit or on an “audit” basis where no credit is given.

Students learn problem solving skills applicable not only to art studies, but also to everyday life. We foster lifelong learning, appreciation of diverse points of view, and recognition of art as a fundamental form of human expression.

Suggested Starting Classes for AFA majors

ART 131 Basic Drawing

ART 121 Basic Design I

ART 122 Basic Design II

ART 114, ART 115 Art History Survey I & II


How to Photograph Art.

How to Start Showing Your Art