Art 261 Photography I

This course introduces photographic equipment, theory, and processes. Emphasis is placed on camera operation, composition, darkroom technique, and creative expression.

Art 262 Photography II

This course introduces the creative manipulation of alternative photographic materials and processes such as toning, hand coloring, infrared, and multiple exposure. Emphasis is placed on personal vision and modes of seeing.

Art 264 Digital Photography I

This course introduces digital photographic equipment, theory and processes. Emphasis is placed on camera operation, composition, computer photo manipulation and creative expression.

Art 265 Digital Photography II

This course provides exploration of the concepts and processes of photo manipulation through complex composite images, special effects, color balancing and image/text integration. Emphasis is placed on creating a personal vision and style.

Art 266 Videography I

This course introduces various aspects of basic video production including concept development, scripting, camera operation, and post-production. Emphasis is placed on creative expression, camera handling, story boarding, and editing.

Art 267 Videography II

This course is designed to provide a framework for the production of a long-term video project. Emphasis is placed on realization of the unique creative vision.

Students develop film by hand in the darkroom.   A photography student inspects developed negatives with a magnifying tool called a "loop".