Photos of Progress on a Woodblock Carving by Ben Billingsley

October 18th, 2017 by eebrandon37

Ben Billingsley, CFCC Art Instructor, has been carving a woodblock this summer and fall.  These photos show the progress.

This piece was commissioned by retired Navy Admiral Noel Preston from Nags Head based artist Glenn Eure. It’s based on an earlier print of Eure’s (b/w print) – with details specific to the Preston family added – and is carved from a reclaimed piece of found wood approximately 2’x7.5′

Ben took over the carving as Glenn is no longer physically able to complete the carving. The piece will be printed in the courtyard at the Wilson Center on October 28 with the assistance of Topher Alexander (gallery tech at UNCW and instructor at CAM’s museum school).

The carving updates are from July 26 and Sept 01.