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Disability Income Plan of North Carolina

The Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement System provides disability coverage to all employees with at least one year of contributing service.

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Short-Term Disability
Employees who are unable to perform the functions of the position due to a physical or mental illness may apply for Short-Term Disability. This benefit includes a 60-day unpaid waiting period, during which the employee may exhaust any available sick or vacation leave. Following the waiting period, the employee will be paid a monthly benefit equal to 50% of 1/12 of annual salary for an absence of up to 12 months. At the end of the Short-Term period, if the employee is unable to return to work, he/she may file for either Extended Short-Term Disability (payable up to 12 additional months) or, if eligible, Long-Term Disability.

Long-Term Disability
If an employee completes the first 12 months of Short-Term Disability and is certified by a medical professional to be incapacitated for an undetermined amount of time, the employee may be eligible for Long-Term Disability. Longevity pays 65% of instead of 50% but is offset by payments from Social Security disability entitlement and will remain in effect until the employee is eligible for unreduced retirement.

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