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General Human Resources Office Questions

How can I check my leave balances? 
You can view your leave balances for annual, sick or bonus leave by logging onto WebAdvisor and either viewing your pay stub or click on “Leave Plan Summary.” You must call the Human Resources office to inquire about your comp time or SAV leave balance.

Why is the leave balance on WebAdvisor different from the balance in the HR Office? 
The leave balance on WebAdvisor is always a month behind, since Human Resources does not receive your leave requests until after the close of the month. Therefore, when calculating your leave time you should always look at your pay stub balance and subtract out any leave you took during the previous month to get an accurate calculation.

How do I update my address?
If you are a current employee (full or part-time), you will need to fill out the online Employee Address Change Request. This form can be found on the intranet under Business Forms. The submitted form will automatically contact the necessary staff members, and we will distribute the information to our benefit providers for you.

How do I update my name? 
Before we can change your name in the system, you must apply for a new Social Security Card and bring us a copy in the HR Office. We will distribute the information to our benefit providers for you.

How can I review or make copies of my official personnel file? 
1.) Contact the Human Resources Office in advance by completing the Official Personnel File Access Request form. Please complete the form and provide to the Human Resources Office. It may be faxed to 910-362-7259 or can be submitted in person.

2.) Human Resources will then contact you to schedule an appointment to review the file.

3.) You must provide valid photo identification at the appointment in order to view the file.

Benefits Questions

What benefits are available to employees?
Click on the Benefits link in the menu to the right for full details of employee benefits. We offer the State Health Plan, optional benefits such as dental and vision, state retirement, optional supplemental retirement, and earned leave.

Who is eligible to participate in benefits?
Full-time employees may participate in the State Health Plan, optional benefits, and any of the supplemental retirement plans. Full-time employees also earn leave. Part-time employees may participate in a 403(b) plan but do not have access to other employee benefits.

I lost my insurance card. How do I request a new one?
You may request a new insurance card for the State Health Plan through the eEnroll system or by contacting the HR Office. If you need a new dental card, contact the HR Office and we can request a new one through the vendor. The vision plan does not provide an insurance card.

How can I drop or add dependents to my insurance, or cancel my insurance?
Changes made to your insurance must be done during open enrollment or within 30 days of a qualifying event. Examples of a qualifying event include marriage, divorce, loss or gain of other coverage, birth, and death. Changes made to the State Health Plan can be done through the online eEnroll system, or by contacting the HR Office. Changes made to optional benefits must be done on paper form or directly through Wellington Benefits. Open enrollment occurs in the fall and will be widely advertised on campus.

Can I check my flexible spending account balance on-line?
Yes. Visit the Wellington Benefits parent company’s website. In order to register, select Log In, then under First Time User Signup select Flexible Spending Benefit. You will need our group number, which is 75034.


Retirement Questions

How do I change/select my beneficiaries for my death benefit?
Visit the retirement system website and register for the ORBIT system. Once you have logged in, you will have the option to select your beneficiaries by clinking on View Account Summary.

Can I contribute more (or less) than 6% of my salary to the retirement system? Can I take out a loan or cash out some of my contributions?
No, the 6% is mandatory and no more or no less may be contributed. If you would like to contribute more toward your retirement future, you may participate in one of the optional supplemental plans. The retirement system does not allow loans and you may only withdraw your contributions if you are no longer employed full-time with the state.

When can I retire? How much will I get?
Employees may apply for retirement a maximum of 120 days before the desired retirement date, and are encouraged to apply earlier rather than later to ensure a smooth transition period. Human Resources will keep this information confidential until the employee submits a letter of resignation (ideally at least one month prior to retirement).
Details on the criteria for retirement can be found on our retirement page or on the state retirement website. The website also provides retirement estimate calculators, or you can request an estimate by contacting the retirement system directly.

If I no longer work for the state, what happens to my retirement contributions?
You may elect to remove the contributions and forfeit any accumulated service time, roll the funds over to your own IRA, or leave the funds in the retirement system. If you are vested in the system, leaving your funds would allow you to draw retirement once you reach age eligibility. If you are not yet vested but anticipate that you may work full-time for the state again one day, leaving your funds in the system would allow you to pick up where you left off in terms of accumulated service time.

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