Laney HS Library

Teaching history to people on the move: US immigration and mobility in global context

Bob Brennan (CFCC), Trista Nicosia (CFCC), Tammy Gordon (UNCW)

11/5/07 Tour of Sugar Loaf by Chris Fonvielle (UNCW)  



Boardroom, CFCC

How do we teach research and writing in the age of Google?

Round table discussion + presentations from Monica Gisolfi (UNCW), Mark Spaulding (UNCW)

This text is a link to minutes of this meeting



UNCW-Morton Hall, Room 212

AP Courses: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Jen Ricks (Onslow Co. Schools), Russ Adams and Whitney Clay (NHCS), and Andrew Clark (UNCW) provided perspectives on instruction and testing, and the value of these classes to students.

Thomas Massey showed off this website!

Meeting minutes



Bellamy Mansion Museum

"Power Runs in Many Channels".  Dr. Patricia Samford, Director of the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory, and author, provided a presentation on the findings of her new book Subfloor Pits and the Archaeology of Slavery in Colonial Virginia

This presentation was filmed, the DVD and powerpoint are available for educational use.