CFCC Filmmaker’s Movie Shown at Comic Con 2016 in San Diego

April 23rd, 2017 by eebrandon37

Song of a Fifth Grade Samurai, a film by CFCC faculty, staff, and students, was shown last summer at the Comic Con convention in San Diego, CA.  Here are the details:

Title: Song of a Fifth Grade Samurai
Director: David Kreutzer (CFCC Film Instructor)
Writer: David Kreutzer
Producers: David Kreutzer, Jack Landry (CFCC Drama Instructor), Lucinda McNamara (CFCC Film Instructor), and Tim Vandenberg (CFCC Video Production Specialist)
Costumes: Jessica Gaffney (CFCC Drama Instructor)
In addition, much of the crew work was done by CFCC film students.

Follow this link for photos from the production: