The discipline of Communication studies the theoretical and practical aspects of human communication, including verbal, non-verbal, written, and mixed media communication.  Communication in various group sizes and rhetorical contexts is studied with an emphasis on effective communication.  Primary goals of Communication courses are to give students the ability to analyze various modes and contexts of communication and to give students the ability to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts and settings.

One Communication course from COM 110, COM 120, COM 140, or COM 231 is required as part of the Other Required Hours component of the Associate in Arts (AA) degree and as part of the Additional General Education Courses component of the Associate in Science (AS) degree at Cape Fear Community College.  All Communication courses can be counted as elective credit in the AA, AS, and AFA degrees.

Visit the CFCC catalog for more information about how Communication courses fit into the curriculum: CFCC Catalog (See pp. 81-214 of the catalog).