The Humanities Department offers a variety of Philosophy courses, including courses in ethics, logic, and the history of philosophy.  These courses are ideal for anyone interested in the big questions about human existence.  Why is there something rather than nothing?  What is the good life? What is the nature of the mind?  What are good and evil?  What are knowledge and truth?  These, and many others, are the sorts of questions that are explored in philosophy.

PHI 215 and PHI 240 can be used in the Universal General Education Transfer Component (UGETC) requirements for the Associate of Arts (AA) and the Associate of Science (AS) degrees, and all Philosophy courses can be used as elective credit for such degrees.

PHI 220 and PHI 230 can be used in the Critical Thinking component of the Additional General Education Courses requirement for the Associate in Arts (AA) degree.

PHI 210: History of Philosophy can be used in the Global Awareness and Foreign Languages component of the Additional General Education Courses requirement of the Associate in Arts (AA) degree.

Visit the CFCC catalog for more information about how Philosophy courses fit into the curriculum: CFCC Catalog 

The Philosophy courses at Cape Fear Community College are an excellent start toward a major or minor in Philosophy at UNCW or other 4-year colleges and universities.

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PAR Society at UNCW (This is the student club for the UNCW Philosophy and Religion Department.  CFCC students are always welcome at their meetings.)

UNCW Philosophy and Religion Department

Why Major in Philosophy?  (From UNC Chapel Hill Philosophy Department)