Annual Planning Meeting Presentations

Purpose Statement for Annual Campus-Wide Planning Meeting

Purpose of Annual Planning Meeting: To provide the opportunity for vice presidents, deans and others to present strategic planning priorities for the fiscal year. The priorities should be derived from the planning and assessment occurring within the divisions and departments. This effort is intended to inform the college of what we collectively are attempting to achieve for the year and is intended to help improve communication and coordination of strategic planning efforts campus-wide.

Outcome: Identified planning priorities addressing college goals as appropriate and representing a college-wide strategic plan of work for the fiscal year.

2017 Planning Meeting Minutes

2017 Nine-month Faculty Planning Retreat

2016 Planning Meeting Minutes

2016 Nine-month Faculty Planning Meeting Minutes

2015 Planning Meeting Minutes

2015 Nine-month Faculty Planning Meeting Minutes

2014 Planning Meeting Minutes

To see Planning Retreat information prior to 2014, please contact the Institutional Effectiveness and Planning Office at 910.362.7003.