Non-Federal Grants

Overview of Grant Proposals

Overview of Writing and Submitting a Grant Proposal

Important Note to Remember:

The President must approve all externally funded grants (CFCC Faculty & Staff Handbook, section 4.4). The Director of Grant Development is responsible for institutional prior approval from the President and review of all proposals prior to submission.  The college rather than the individual acts as the official applicant and legally has responsibility for the administration of the project.  However, the project director has the responsibility for the implementation and management of the project


How is a non-federal grant proposal generated?

A faculty or staff member identifies a need for a project that will help students or faculty.  Depending on the type of project, the Director of Grant Development will assist in finding a funding source.

Proposal Process (when proposal is to be written by project director)

Pre-Award Process

  1. Contact the Director of Grant Development once you identify the need for a project.
  2. Complete an Intent to Apply Form , and submit it to the Director of Grant Development.
  3. Download an application package from the grantor website and forward a copy of grantor solicitation to Director of Grant Development.  The solicitation has to be reviewed to ensure compliance with grantor requirements and CFCC policies.   
  4. Consult with the Director of Grant Development to obtain all costs relating to the budget.  Grant Development will provide you with information you may need on wages, fringe benefits and indirect costs, and will assist you in preparing the budget in the format that has been provided in the package.  Grant Development will work with you to finalize the budget so that it conforms to guidelines of the grantor and CFCC.
  5. Follow deadlines for submission of proposal to Director of Grant Development and the funding agency.  It is the responsibility of the project director to have all aspects of the proposal in its final form for submission.  The proposal has to be submitted to the Director of Grant Development with approval forms and departmental signatures.
  6. Check the Services offered by OSP.

Proposal Process (when proposal is to be written by Director of Grant Development)

Pre-Award Process

  • Contact Director of Grant Development when you identify the need for a project.
  • Complete an Intent to Apply Form and submit it.
  • Set up an initial meeting with the Director of Grant Development to discuss the information necessary to write the proposal.  
  • If the project involves more than one department or area, the Director of Grant Development will facilitate the establishment of a committee.
    • Background information explaining the need for the project
    • Project description
    • The population to be served
    • Goals and objectives
    • Timeline
    • Evaluation methodology
    • Expected outcome(s)


What is a Proposal?

A proposal is a formal written description of a project, for which funding is sought from external sources.  Generally, a proposal can be:

  • Initiated from an educational department or a particular discipline
  • Characterized by a statement of need, with a clearly defined set of goals or objectives
  • Development of a project
  • Need for  a specific sum of money, generally, on the terms and amount specified by the sponsoring agency

Proposals can be in the form of:

  • Letters of intent or preliminary proposals which provide an overview of the proposed project.  Agencies, generally, do not request detailed budgets or methods of implementing the project, but may use the outline to make decisions on whether to solicit a full proposal.
  • New proposals which provide a full description of the project, including the budget information on personnel, and the expected outcome of the project.
  • Continuation and renewal proposals which request support for ongoing work on the project.
  • Supplemental proposals which are submitted when funding is needed for additional work on the project.
  • Revisions of elements of proposals/budgets at the request of the grantor.