Application Process

Guide to Grant Proposal and Submission

 Preparing the Proposal

The Principal Investigator (PI) or a faculty member initiates the proposal submission process when the first contact is made with OSP by completing and submitting the Intent to Apply Form.  An initial proposal can be in the form of a pre-proposal, a letter of inquiry, or a complete proposal in response to a formal solicitation by the agency.  The solicitation must be reviewed by OSP to ensure compliance with agency requirements and CFCC policies.  Before proceeding with the proposal, a copy of the agency solicitation has to be forwarded to OSP, to obtain approval from the College Administration, including the President.  However, the Administration will review the feasibility of the project with the following considerations in mind:

  • Does the proposed project fall within the mission of CFCC?
  • Does the proposed project interfere with the total responsibilities expected of the PI in relation to current performance and wages?
  • Does the proposed project require a reduced teaching load of participating faculty member?
  • Does the project have sufficient resources, including facilities and equipment to support the project?
  • Does the proposed project involve a cost-sharing/matching commitment by CFCC?
  • Does the proposed project benefit students/staff/faculty in any way?
  • The OSP requires at least a minimum of seven working days notice for pre-application review and approval.

Please check deadlines for the routing and pre-application approval process by the Administration and OSP.

Once the project has been approved by the Administration, OSP will co-ordinate a meeting with all personnel responsible for the submission of the proposal.  At the meeting, the PI must discuss the time-line for completion, deadlines, and personnel responsible for the different aspects of the proposal, specific proposal requirements, the budget and the completion of the necessary forms. 

The OSP will assist in the preparation of the budget and review compliance with agency requirements.  OSP will provide internal cost figures, such as wages and benefits, and the PI is responsible for all other costs required for budget preparation.  However, OSP has provided you with links to calculation of other costs such as Cost Sharing Direct/Indirect and Allowable Costs; please check Budget Information.  The information provided is subject to change, and be aware that agency requirements may differ, mainly the calculation of direct and indirect costs with every solicitation. Statistical information, including statistical data about CFCC, to support your proposal will be provided by OSP.

If you would like OSP to assist with the writing of the proposal on your behalf for submission, please note that it is your responsibility to provide OSP with all the background information, such as the need for the project, objectives,  goals and the outcome, etc.  Sufficient time must be allowed for writing the proposal and each proposal will be subject to the availability of time.  Please check the deadlines.