Award Process

Processing of Proposal

Once the proposal is approved for submission, OSP will be responsible for the transmittal letter and all administrative forms that need administrative information and signatures. A number of the federal agencies are now requiring electronic submission.  It is the responsibility of the PI to input the proposal into the electronic mode; OSP will provide you with access to the grant submission page and supply you with a username and password.  OSP will review the proposal for accuracy and completeness and submit the final copy of the proposal electronically, therefore, it is important that you give the OSP sufficient time (see deadlines), to review the proposal before submission.   Please be aware that unforeseen circumstances such as equipment or server failure, or absence of personnel or a heavy deadline submission may impede OSP in reviewing and processing your proposal if proposal is not submitted in a timely manner according to the specified deadline.  However, OSP understands that there may be a situation, where a last minute submission is inevitable, in which case OSP will make every effort to work with you.

Some federal agencies may require you to submit proposals by mail, here again please follow deadlines, set by the agency, and the same problems such as equipment failure etc. may occur.  Therefore, make sure that proposals are submitted to OSP before the  deadline, to allow OSP to review proposal and submit by mail.

The PI will be notified if the proposal is funded or not.