Services offered by Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

OSP is the central office responsible for approving and submitting proposals on behalf of CFCC.   OSP is also responsible for ensuring that all proposals and projects adhere to agency and CFCC policies (guidelines) and meet its obligations to external agencies.  All requests for external funding have to be approved by CFCC President.

OSP will assist in developing and implementing the procedures and guidelines relating to the administration of federal grants.  In addition, OSP will monitor federal grants to ensure that funds are spent according to the terms of the grants and help ensure that programmatic goals are met.  OSP will work with Principal Investigator (PI) to help ensure success of grant projects.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Identify and provide information on funding sources
  • Review, approve, and submit proposals to potential external sources
  • Assist with the writing of the proposal
  • Help with budget preparation and cost proposals
  • Assist with establishing financial system in keeping with CFCC  and agency policy
  • Develop procedures and policies to ensure compliance with federal government regulations
  • Accept awards on behalf of CFCC and PI
  • Provide administrative and managerial support to PI
  • Develop and negotiate direct and indirect costs (F&A rates)
  • Coordinate the award closeout process, including reports
  • Act as the liaison between agency and PI
  • Provide all costs relating to employee salaries and fringe benefits
  • Approve final budget and check for compliance with agency and CFCC guidelines
  • Submits electronic proposal or arranges for delivery by mail