CFCC Vision, Mission and Goals

Cape Fear Community College
Vision Statement

“Cape Fear Community College: Building a future-oriented world-class workforce and a community of lifelong learners in partnership with regional businesses and agencies. Imagine the possibilities!”

Approved by the CFCC Board of Trustees March 26, 1998


Mission Statement
Cape Fear Community College

Cape Fear Community College is an open door, multi-campus, comprehensive community college that strengthens the academic, economic, social and cultural life of the citizens of New Hanover and Pender counties.

As a member of the North Carolina Community College System, Cape Fear Community College fully supports the system mission and fulfills its purposes by:

  • Focusing on vocational, technical, pre-baccalaureate, literacy education, and continuing education programs and services;
  • Recruiting, enrolling, advising and retaining a diverse student body;
  • Recruiting, retaining and developing a highly qualified and diverse faculty and staff who are dedicated to quality education and service to the College and the community;
  • Evaluating existing programs and implementing new curricula and instructional strategies to serve the changing needs of the service area;
  • Providing support services that help students succeed;
  • Enhancing student life through clubs, cultural activities, leadership opportunities, and athletics; and
  • Interacting and cooperating with others to encourage, promote and facilitate economic and community development.

Approved by the CFCC Board of Trustees, March 23, 1995; revised January 18, 1996; revised November 19, 2003; reaffirmed January 26, 2006; reaffirmed September 2010; reviewed September 2015.



Cape Fear Community College
2011-2016 College Goals

1. Deliver quality programs through innovative instruction that promotes critical thinking and rigorous learning outcomes students need in order to achieve excellence in their academic and professional careers.

2. Provide facilities that support the growth of the college and that are well-maintained, safe and secure for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

3. Incorporate the appropriate use of technology for students, faculty and staff and provide training in accessing and applying the technology.

4. Enhance the teaching and learning process through the provision of up-to-date learning resources and equipment suitable to the college’s needs and goals.

5. Provide increased access to educational opportunities through distance learning.

6. Strengthen partnerships with business and industry, public schools, universities and others that are mutually beneficial and that maximize resources in meeting the educational needs of the service area.

7. Provide a comprehensive program of student development services that assist students in achieving their goals including appropriate placement in courses and curricula, financial assistance, counseling and advisement, career guidance, and student activities and athletics.

8. Cultivate an excellent, highly qualified faculty and staff through recruitment, retention, recognition and professional development.

9. Promote diversity at all levels of the college and maintain a diverse faculty, staff and student body that reflect the college service area.

10. Effectively manage the college’s fiscal resources and seek external funding through grants and donations to support the mission of the college.

11. Strengthen and refine the college’s continuous improvement process to ensure institutional effectiveness and public accountability.

12. Foster and maintain a positive public image of the college, enhance internal communication among faculty, staff and students, and effectively promote college services and programs to the community.

Approved by the CFCC Board of Trustees September 10, 2010, reviewed September 24, 2015