Strategic Plan

CFCC Strategic Development Plans

Cape Fear Community College periodically conducts a situational analysis to produce planning documents for the future development of programs and facilities. To produce the planning documents CFCC gathers data and analyzes it to identify key implications for the College’s future. CFCC uses trend data, feedback from external stakeholders (focus groups, advisory councils, and community engagement forums), reports and projections from external and independent sources, feedback from internal stakeholders and historical enrollment figures to help it identify the key implications for potential new programs and future facilities needs.

In June 1998 CFCC published its 1997-2017 Strategic Plan to support the CFCC Board of Trustees’ request to the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners for a bond referendum to fund the purchase of additional property, construct new facilities, and renovate existing facilities to support current and projected enrollment growth.

In May 1999 CFCC updated the Strategic Plan and published the 1999-2019 Strategic Plan.

In 2007, the General Assembly, for the first time in the history of the North Carolina Community College System, set aside funds for advanced planning. NCCCS established the Advanced Planning Funds Project and required all 58 community colleges to submit two complementary documents that span at least six years and use data less than 12 months old to identify key implications for program and facilities needs and to document a prioritized plan for facilities projects. The Long Range Plan, due on December 30, 2007, was approved by NCCCS on January 15, 2008. The Facilities Master Plan is due May 30, 2008.

In January 2008 the College published its 2007-2013 Long Range Plan.

In January 2016, the college published its 2015-2020 Facilities Master Plan.