Substantive Change Site Visit – April 2017

Several types of substantive change require a visit from SACSCOC to ensure compliance with published standards of reaffirmation.  Earlier this year, the College sent prospectuses to SACSCOC for offering 50% or greater of a program (Nurse Aide Certificate) at the Burgaw and Alston W. Burke Centers.  The prospectuses were approved, requiring SACSCOC to schedule a visit to verify that the centers have adequate student and academic support services to support these changes.  The visit is scheduled for April 11 through April 13.

Team members will arrive on the evening of April 10 and start the visit the following morning.  After a short meeting with the President and assembled staff, the team will spend the afternoon of April 11 at the Burgaw Center.  On April 12, the team will spend the morning at the Alston W. Burke Center at Surf City, before returning to their hotel to draft the preliminary report of their findings.  A short out-brief will be conducted early on April 13 before the team departs.  The draft schedule for the site visit is included, as well:

Draft Schedule of Site Visit

The visit team is composed of our SACSCOC Vice President and three members of peer institutions.  Team members include:

  • Team Leader – Dr. Deana Savage, Special Advisor to the President, Midland College, Midland, TX
  • Team Member – Dr. Cissy Matthews, Vice President for Instruction, Galveston College, Galveston, TX
  • Team Member – Dr. Todd Jones, Vice President of Student Affairs, Georgia Highlands College, Rome, GA
  • SACSCOC Representative  – Dr. Cheryl Cardell, Vice President

The College prepared a document to respond to our compliance with several SACSCOC standards and forwarded it to the team for their review prior to their arrival.  A copy of that document is available here, for review:

Off-Campus Site Visit

Additional Documentation in support of the visit:

Substantive Change Visit Meeting Agenda 4/4/17

Schedule with Attendees

Interview Schedule for 4/11/17

Academic Program Coordination Credentials

Alston W. Burke Faculty Credentials

Burgaw Faculty Credentials

Nurse Aide Institutional Effectiveness Information

College Transfer Institutional Effectiveness Information

Reporting Relationships

If you have additional questions regarding this visit, please contact Dr. Jason Chaffin at (910)362-7275, or email