Computer Competency Test – Part II


Please ensure that you complete all parts in this section of the Computer Competency Test.  It is not timed; however, you must complete the test once you have started.  You may print a copy of the test but you must submit it to the Proctor when you have finished.  Please follow the links to access all files needed to complete this part of the test.  However, you must save the necessary files as well as your completed work files on your computer or flash drive!


Using Windows 7 and File Management

1. Create a folder on the Desktop and name it “Competency – Lastname (Lastname being your last name, of course).

2. Using Internet Explorer, go to:  Click on the “Tornados by County” hyperlink.

3. Select the data from the “Tornado Sightings by County” spreadsheet down through the last row of data (do not select past the last cell’s value).  Right click the mouse over the selected area and copy the data.  Start Excel and paste the data into cell A1 of a blank Excel worksheet.

Using Excel

4. Select the range A3 through B13 and insert a 2-D Column Chart.

5. Save this Excel file as “Excel – Lastname” in the folder you created on your Desktop.

Using Word

6. Using Word, create a business letter with the following elements:

Addressee:    Ken Seino, Coordinator
                        Learning Lab
                        Cape Fear Community College
                        411 North Front Street
                        Wilmington, NC  28401


Body of the letter must contain at least four sentences explaining the chart in the Excel file you just created.  If you are unsure of what to write, go back and look at your Excel table of data and the chart titled “Tornados Sightings by County.”

7. Insert a Clip Art image beneath your sentences.  You may choose any image you like from the Clip Art Gallery in               Word.

8. Save the letter to your folder on the Desktop as “Word – Lastname.”

Using PowerPoint

9. Using PowerPoint, create a three-slide presentation.  Use the Title Slide layout for the first slide and enter “Tornados by County” as the title, and enter your first and last name as the subtitle.

10. The second slide layout should be the Title and Content layout.  On this second slide, type three bulleted items related to the tornado sightings data you found online and analyzed in Excel.  Make sure that this second slide has an appropriate title.

11. The third slide layout should also be the Title and Content layout.  On this third slide, type the title “Conclusion” and insert a Clip Art image of your choice from PowerPoint’s Clip Art Gallery.

12. Save this presentation in your folder on the Desktop as “PowerPoint – Lastname.”

Using Print Screen

13. Close all programs that you have opened and then double-click to open your folder on the desktop.  Find the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard.  It may say “PrtScn.”  Press this key, and by doing so, your computer has made a copy of the Desktop’s image.  Open Word and click “Paste.”  You should now be able to see an image of the Desktop on the page in Word.  Save this document as “Print Screen – Lastname” inside your folder on the Desktop along with all your other files.

Complete the survey located on the Learning Lab Website:


Submission of Your Test

14. Now send an email to:

Attach the following four files to your email:

Excel – Lastname

Word – Lastname

PowerPoint – Lastname

Print Screen – Lastname