Supplemental Instruction


Supplemental Instruction (S.I.) is an academic assistance program developed at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC).  The S.I. model has been adopted by many universities, domestic and international, in its 43 year history. C.F.C.C. has had an S.I. program for the past 16 years. The S.I. leader, a successful former student, administers peer-assisted study sessions for “targeted high risk” first and second year college courses.  The S.I. leader is a trained tutor who took the class and did well. They focus on providing subject clarification and guidance on the rudiments of proper note taking, organizational tools, test taking techniques and other insights beneficial to the student based upon the S.I.’s experience and knowledge.  S.I. leaders attend at least 1 class meeting, taking notes and listening closely to the professor. The S.I. coordinating team trains them in how to be effective facilitators and they receive ongoing supervision. Some experienced S.I.’s, in collaboration with the instructor, will also develop highly specific practice questions designed to elucidate tougher concepts.  Our demonstrated goal is to increase student retention, grades, and hopefully by extension, graduation rates.  By providing free and accessible academic support in the form of Supplemental Instruction, we could potentially mitigate any apprehensions or challenges the student may have in requesting it.  In addition, Supplemental Instruction has proven to be an academically and financially sound mode of reaching students unable to utilize our “drop in labs” and restricted, if non-existent, “one on one” tutoring.

The coordination and implementation of S.I. here at CFCC is a team effort led by the S.I. Coordinator, Darryl Wright.  He will make all arrangements in terms of I.R.F.’s (necessary for FTE reports) and S.I. procedures and details.  S.I. is making an impact here at C.F.C.C..  For instance, the spring of 2016, S.I. accounted for 16% of all Learning Lab student contact hours.  S.I. leaders met with over 400 students in various S.I. classrooms around campus.  We had 14 SI sessions (14 different classes) meeting Monday through Friday in various disciplines ranging from History to Microbiology.  The summer of 2016 Supplemental Instruction accounted for almost 28% of student contact hours, the most in the past 5 summers. The Learning Lab is poised to utilize the S.I. format in the Multiple Measures program starting in the fall of 2016.  The S.I.Instructor relationship is crucial to the implementation and success of the S.I. program.  It is our desire to partner with Instructors interested in utilizing S.I. to help their students.  Interests and questions can be directed to S.I. Coordinator, Darryl Wright, or Learning Lab Director, Kenneth Seino (ext. 7136).


Cape Fear Community College
Darryl Wright
Lead Tutor, Wilmington Campus/S.I. Coordinator
Certified Tutor N.T.A. Advanced Level/ N.T.A. Tutor Trainer
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