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Computer Competency


College Transfer Students - The Computer Competency test administered by the Learning Lab is for College Transfer students who did not fulfill their computer competency requirements but who are assumed to be computer competent. If you are not competent, you have the following options: complete the tutorial section of the Competency Test before you take the test or take a college transfer computer course, CIS 110 or CIS 115. CIS 111 may be used to satisfy the computer requirement but is not a College Transfer course.

If you choose the tutorial option, you have chosen a method that allows you to work at your own pace using the many resources that are available to you in this tutorial to acquire basic computer competency. The tutorial gives you an overview of the different computer concepts, the Internet, email, word-processing and presentation software. Once you have completed the tutorial you have the option of doing a practice test online.

All others including Distance Learning students - You can learn the basic concepts of computers. The Tutorial is an overview of computers and applications that will make you comfortable in the use of computers and the terms that are associated with the use of computers.

Computer Competency Test

You have to make an appointment to take the test by calling the Learning Lab at these numbers, depending on which location you would like to take the test and at what time:

Location Telephone Days Time
Downtown (910) 362-7476 Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
North Campus (910) 362-7554 Monday - Thursday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

The test is administered on the computer and will take at least an hour. Therefore, please give yourself ample time to finish the test, because you will not be able to get back to it if you leave.

Computer Competency Test Online

If you are planning to complete the Competency Test online, please follow these directions:

  1. When you receive a letter from the Admissions Office informing you that you have to meet the Computer Competency requirement for graduation, first contact a person in another college or in a public library who will be willing to proctor your test. Please ask the proctor to submit the Proctor Consent Form or email his/her consent to one of the following people: with a copy to Then email one of the persons listed above informing them of your intention to complete the test online.
  2. On receipt of your email, your proctor will receive a user id and a password to access the Computer Competency Online Test, which is administered on Blackboard.
  3. After you get in to Blackboard, you must access the Online Computer Competency Test.
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