Librarian Highlight: Dr. Kayla Page

April 3rd, 2019 by CFCC Newswire

Dr. Kayla Page

Dr. Kayla Page has worked in many different types of industries and libraries over the years. She has her BA from Campbell University, her MLS from East Carolina, and her EdD from Walden University. She lives in Wilmington, NC with her husband Mark, two sons, Jc and Luke, her basset hound Weezie, and Fluffy the cat. She enjoys traveling to new places, reading, boating, and random snarky remarks given at highly unanticipated moments.

Where you’ll find her

Dr. Page is the Technical Services Librarian (behind the giant chalk wall in the Wilmington Campus Library). She helps students with research and makes sure all of the library’s digital subscriptions and databases are current and functioning properly.

Outside of the library, you’ll find Dr. Page traveling with her family, out on her boat, searching for sea glass, or fishing.

Why she loves her job

“Librarians are naturally good at critical thinking and problem solving and this is one of the biggest parts of our daily job when working with students. I love helping students locate and connect with resources that they may be unaware of.”


Her observations of the difference of being a school librarian and an academic librarian


“Size. I can honestly say that the majority of the students at Cape Fear are a lot bigger than my old K-5 students. Kidding aside, the biggest difference between being a school librarian and an academic librarian is the students and the services that are available to the students. Younger students still need a bit of drama and entertainment to make learning fun, whereas students in higher education are focused, driven, and have some idea of what direction they want to take in life.”


Her recommendations
“82% of Port City Java locations recommend reading a book for pleasure. I recommend their Hot Moccachino (no whip) with a good thriller…like Something in the Water by Steadman or Panic by Oliver (a good Truth or Dare book in the YA section). We have both of these titles in the LRC – BTW.”