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Student Highlights

We are proud of our students! Here are some of our past students sharing some highlights from their time in Marine Technology at CFCC!

Dave Supa
Dave Supa, 2013 MT Graduate
Chief Navigator with Fairfield Geotechnologies

What stood out for him in MT:
“Most notably it would be the exposure to hands-on experience throughout the program. The training in mobilizing equipment, setting up a shipboard network, acquiring data and processing that data was paramount for me to make a smooth transition from school into my entry level position.”

Dennis Moran
Dennis Moran, 2008 MT Graduate
Cartographer with US Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District Navigation Branch

What stood out for him in MT:
“The camaraderie among classmates and instructors that led to networking opportunities and career development. The support and encouragement from the faculty lasts long after the program ends.”

His advice for you:
“Never stop learning and continue to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Identify your opportunities for growth and make an effort to achieve.”

Eric McMinis
Eric McMinis, 2014 MT Graduate
Fish Culturist with Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association

What stood out for him in MT:
“Training cruises and instructor Mark Miller”

Best MT Memory:
“Going from cruises on the Dan Moore to the Hatteras. If current students only knew!”

Justin Bickett
Justin Bickett, 2016 MT Graduate
Marine Field Technician with Woods Hole Group

What stood out for him in MT:
“The hands on training and field work stood out the most. The classes on the Cape Fear River and training cruises were a blast and also prepared me well for a job on the water.”

His advice for you:
“Soak up as much as you can from every MT course, no matter which career path you’re interested in. Aspects of almost every class in the program are relevant to my current job.”

Nate Whited
Nate Whited, 2017 MT Graduate
Research Assistant II with UNCW

What stood out for him in MT:
“The program helped me acquire the basic skills and the attitude I will need to achieve my long term career goals. In the program, I was my only limiting factor.”

Favorite Memory:
“Aboard the R/V Cape Hatteras, when everyone had to work together to accomplish certain tasks. It was amazing to get to know everyone and learn so many hands on skills at the same time.”

Ritchie Carr
Ritchie Carr, 2015 MT Graduate
Field Engineer with Weeks Marine

What stood out for him in MT:
“The emphasis on teamwork, accessibility of instructors, and the desire from the program to help you succeed.”

His advice for you:
“Never miss a day of class. Always be early. Take detailed notes. Pay attention to details, it’s the small stuff that separates you from everyone else. Cherish your time and everybody else’s. You’re not going to ace everything, never give up!”

Stephanie Coffel
Stephanie Coffel, 2013 MT Graduate
Microbiology Technician with Cape Fear Public Utility Authority

What stood out for her in MT:
“It would have to be the cruises. When I came into the program I had hardly ever been on a boat. I just knew I loved the ocean. It was such a huge learning experience to be on my own as an adult (I was 18 when I entered the program) and working on a ship. The vast knowledge taught on the cruises is amazing.”

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