Marine Technology Training Cruises

Make Up Hours

What is a Make Up Hour?

Make Up hours are unique to Marine Technology here at CFCC. Since Marine Technology students take a training cruise aboard the DAN MOORE each semester, they will be missing a week's worth of work in all their other courses. Cruises are a separate course that is registered into and of course students may not be counted in two courses at the same time. State regulations allow M.T. students to miss a week of school for cruise as long as the time missed is made up. To "make up" for this missed time, there is an extra hour scheduled for each of the courses in the block schedules of each Marine Technology section. These Make Up hours are designated MU on the block schedules. Make Up hours are used at a one hour per week rate until a week's worth of hours are "made up". Enough Make Up hours are held to cover for time lost due to cruising [e.g. a 3 hr per week class will hold 3 one hour Make Ups].

Certain cruises may extend over a weekend and into a second week with more than one week's class time being missed. Additional state regulations allow for this and call for the students to be counted as on a field trip in their other courses. Instructors scheduled to teach M.T. sections are informed of the cruise schedule for each semester so they can know who is cruising when.

When to start holding the Make Up hour for a class is at the discretion of the individual instructor; some start at the beginning of the semester, some wait until the later weeks of the semester.

Cautions to M.T. students taking classes outside their cruise section Block Schedule:

Classes taken outside of one's cruise section block schedule of course DO NOT have the built in coverage of scheduled Make Ups. Any hours lost due to cruising will have to be handled as part of the individual student's allowed absences (20%) [Instructor's take note]. It is greatly appreciated when Instructors can and do work with these students allowing catch-up of work or tests missed. Students finding themselves in this situation should contact their individual Instructors of the affected courses early in the semester and make whatever arrangements they can. IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT TAKING COURSES OUTSIDE THE BLOCK SCHEDULE IS THE STUDENT'S DECISION AND S/HE IS ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE ATTENDANCE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS/HER CHOICES.