R/V Dan Moore

The R/V Dan Moore is CFCC's own ocean-going training vessel. The ship is a 85-ft. fisheries research vessel formerly operated by the State of NC Division of Marine Fisheries. Marine Technology students undergo 5 different training cruises totaling over 32 days at sea. The ship carries a compliment of 17 students with cruise durations ranging from 4 to 11 days.

Vessel Specifications:

  • Length Overall: 85 ft.
  • Breadth: 24 ft.
  • Displacement: 186 tons (light); 253 tons (loaded)
    Gross Registered Tons: 169
    Net Registered Tons: 115.
  • Built in 1967 in New Bern, NC; Designed by Potter and MacArthur, Naval Architects.
  • Served as N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries research vessel based in Morehead City until 1982.
  • Acquired (and converted for its present use) by CFCC in 1982 to replace the 180’ 1944 R/V ADVANCE II
  • Propulsion: Cummins KTA 19M2 diesel engine linked to Twin Disc 5:1 reduction gear.
    Propeller diameter 70", pitch 46".
  • Cruising Speed: 9 knots (fuel consumption: 18 gal./hr.)
  • Maximum Hull Speed: 12 knots (fuel consumption approx. 32 gal./hr.)
  • Ship Power: Two 50 KW diesel driven generators provide 230V (3 phase),
    220V (single phase), and 110V (single phase).
  • Fuel Capacity: 9,000 gal.
  • Potable Water Capacity: 3,000 gal. and reverse osmosis watermaker can produce 800 gal./day.
  • Cruising Range: 5000 miles
  • Personnel: Air conditioned accommodations for 7 crew and up to 19 scientists and/or student-technicians.
  • Auxiliary Gear: Hydraulic system powered by main engine runs:
    • Pullmaster H18 trawl winch/towing winch--3,000 ft. of 1/2" wire.
    • Stern ramp with heavy lift A-frame, 5 ton SWL.
    • Morgan 143FSC Crane (Capacity 20,000 lbs. at 7 ft. or 4,850 lbs. at 27 ft.)
    • Sea Mac 215 oceanographic tow winch with 15,000 ft. of 3/16" wire.
  • Electronics: Fully equipped with radar, GPS, Loran, VHF and SSB radios, color sonar, gyrocompass, autopilot, 2 PC’s, printer, electronic charting system, NAVTEX receiver, anemometer, etc.
  • Work Deck Space: 600 ft.2 open main deck, aft of superstructure.
  • Laboratory Space:
    • 150 ft.2 drylab with bookshelves, fresh water, storage drawers.
    • 170 ft.2 wetlab with fresh and saltwater, electronics, stowage space.
  • Refrigerated Space: Walk in freezer and chill box provide 350 ft.3 each.
  • Cargo Holds: Over 1100 ft.3 available for gear stowage.
  • Safety: 2, 25-Person Switlik Ocean Service Inflatable Liferafts, 40 Type I PFD’s, 4 Type IV PFD’s, 26 Stearns immersion suits, Pains-Wessex Category I EPIRB, 2 fireman’s outfits with self contained breathing apparatus, 22 each 5-minute breathing apparatuses, fixed automatic firefighting system for engine room.