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2013 Fall Redesign

Fall 2013 Developmental Math Redesign

Beginning in Fall 2013, our developmental math program will go through a major overhaul. As mandated by the System Office, developmental math has been broken up into eight modules agreed upon and approved by the state. This means how we advise our students must change. This document explains the changes and answers common questions about the entire process.

1. What are the changes?

Currently our developmental math classes (MAT 060, MAT 070, and MAT 080) are shell courses which consist of DMA (Developmental Math) modules as shown in the following crosswalk:

MAT 060 currently consists of

DMA 010 – Operations with Integers
DMA 020 – Fractions and Decimals
DMA 030 – Proportions/Ratios/Rates/Percents

MAT 070 currently consists of

DMA 040 – Expressions, Linear Equations, Linear Inequalities
DMA 050 – Graphs and Equations of Lines

MAT 080 currently consists of

DMA 060 – Polynomials and Quadratic Applications
DMA 070 – Rational Expressions and Equations
DMA 080 – Radical Expressions and Equations

Starting Fall 2013, MAT 060, MAT 070, and MAT 080 will be replaced with four (4) Development Math Shell (DMS) courses: DMS 001, DMS 002, DMS 003, and DMS 004. The DMS courses are going to house the four-week DMA modules, just like our current developmental classes do above, except students will take DMAs based on their program of study and may place out of already mastered DMA modules.

Starting Fall 2013 prerequisites for some curriculum courses will not match the crosswalk as stated above. For example, MAT 140 – Survey of Mathematics, currently has a prerequisite of MAT 060 and MAT 070. MAT 070 is equivalent to DMA 040 and DMA 050. However, in Fall 2013 MAT 140 will have a prerequisite of DMA 010-040. This means all students that passed MAT 070 will be able to take MAT 140 in Fall 2013, along with all students that passed DMA 010-040. However, CIS 110 still has a prerequisite of DMA 050; therefore, you should make sure you follow the program evaluation when determining which DMA a student needs to take.

NOTE: Diagnostic test requirements for Health Science programs are listed below.

Associate Degree Nursing, Nursing Transition, Practical Nursing, and RIBN all require all eight (8) modules.
DMA 010, DMA 020, DMA 030, DMA 040, and DMA 050, DMA 060, DMA 070, & DMA 080.

Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Medical Sonography, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy Technology, Radiography, and Surgical Technology all require the first five (5) modules.
DMA 010, DMA 020, DMA 030, DMA 040, and DMA 050

2. What does this mean for me as an adviser?

The DMS course a student should register for is determined by the number of DMA modules that student is required to take. This information can be found on the student’s program evaluation. As an adviser, you must determine how many DMA modules a student needs and sign that student up for the corresponding DMS course. To determine this, see the table below:

If the student needs: Then the student signs up for:
ONLY one DMA module DMS 001 – 1 credit course
EXACTLY two DMA modules DMS 002 – 2 credit course
EXACTLY three DMA modules DMS 003 – 3 credit course
four or more* DMA modules DMS 004 – 4 credit course

*Students that need more than four DMA modules should sign up for DMS 004 course.


3. Fall 2013 Course Offerings.

New Developmental Math Courses Prefixes/Numbers
1st 4 Weeks*:  Aug 19-Sep 16  –  DMS 001:  4 week course
2nd 4 Weeks:  Sep 17-Oct 14
3rd 4 Weeks**:  Oct 15-Nov 11 DMS 001:  4 week course
Last 4 Weeks:  Nov 12-Dec 13

DMS 002 – 8 week course
DMS 002 – 8 week course
DMS 003
25 sections – 12 week course
DMS 004
28 sections – 16 week course

*DMS 001A and DMA 002A sections will begin on Monday, August 19th , or Tuesday, August 20th
**DMS 001Z and DMA 002Z sections will begin on Tuesday, October 15th , or Wednesday, October 16th

NOTE: Veterans should be directed to Bob Philpott, Veterans Affair Coordinator, for advising and placement in developmental math courses. VA will not pay for distance learning developmental courses. 910-362-7106 or

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact the Coordinators of Developmental Math, Caroline Greenough (910-362-7612 – or Larry Tingen (910-362-7728 –, or the Math/PE Chair, Dr. Claude Moore (910-362-7135 –

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