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Developmental Math

Prepare for Placement Test – Get Free app to study for placement test.

This page provides some information and links to other information concerning developmental mathematics courses and materials at Cape Fear Community College.

Students are given a placement test. Depending on the results of the placement test, students may be advised to register for one 4-week course or one to two 8-week courses.

You may obtain information about
the Placement Testing by clicking here.

In short, students are tested before entering the course so that they can be placed in the proper course (level of materials). In the DMS (Developmental Math Shell) classes, students study in the classroom and get assistance from the instructor while using the computer with videos and other tools available to assist the students in studying. They are tested frequently as they complete small amounts of information.

Beginning Fall 2015 Semester, students who need any of DMA 010-040 will be enrolled in a DMS 001 or DMS 002 class. Students who need any of DMA 050-080 will be enrolled in DMA 050, DMA 060, or DMA 065. Each of these classes will be conducted in a lecture, discussion format. Students will also be expected to complete assignments out side of class time.

At the end of a 4-week period, students take an exam. They must score 80% or better correct in order to pass the test. If they pass the exam, they have either completed the course or will continue with the next module of the course. If they do not pass, they may study more with guidance from the instructor and retest later with the instructor’s permission.

Developmental Math Redesign – Beginning in Fall 2013, our developmental math program began a major overhaul. As mandated by the System Office, developmental math has been broken up into eight modules agreed upon and approved by the state. This means how we advise our students changed. This document explains the changes and answers common questions about the entire process.

Registration Information: Access specific registration information by clicking on the appropriate link below.

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Academic Year 2014-2015: 2014 Fall

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