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Math – Links to Sites of Interest

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Brief Description

AMATYC – American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges – This is a very useful site for high school and college level mathematics teachers and students. The site includes teachers resources and information relative to the use of calculators, PowerPoint, computer programming, and workshops.


Math & Stat – Numerous links to sites in mathematics and statistics: General Math -Number Notation, Addition Table, Multiplication Table, Fraction-Decimal Conversion, Interest, Units & Measurement Conversion; Algebra -Basic Identities, Conic Sections, Polynomials, Exponents, Algebra Graphs, Functions; Geometry -Areas, Volumes, Surface Areas, Circles; Trig-Identities, Tables, Hyperbolics, Graphs, Functions; Discrete/Linear -Vectors, Recursive Formulas, Linear Algebra, Other Constants, Complexity, Miscellaneous, Graphs, Functions; Stat -Distributions; Calc -Integrals, Derivatives, Series Expansions; Advanced -Fourier Series, Transforms


NCADE – North Carolina Association for Developmental Education


NCMATYC – North Carolina Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges


PowerPoint Tutorial – Creating a New Slide Presentation; Preparing PowerPoint for Mathematics; Content Formatting; and Adding Lines, Clip Art or Photos, Sound or Movies


PowerPoint Viewer – Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer allows you to view PowerPoint presentations if your computer does not have Microsoft PowerPoint. Click on the link and follow the instructions on the screen.


Rice Virtual Statistics – This site from Rice University is “a must” for statistics and contains four major components.  HyperStat Online – An online statistics book with links to other statistics resources on the web.  Simulations/Demonstrations – Java applets that demonstrate various statistical concepts.   Case Studies – Examples of real data with analyses and interpretation   Analysis Lab – Some basic statistical analysis tools.


TI-83 Tutorial – The TI-83, Texas Instrument Graphing Calculator, is capable of performing a vast number of operations.  This brief tutorial will highlight only a few of the operations in the statistical and matrix packages. The tutorial by Russ Baker from Howard Community College gives more functions of the TI-83.


VMATYC – Virginia Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges


Microsoft Word Viewer – Microsoft Word Viewer allows you to view Word documents if your computer does not have Microsoft Word. Click on the link and follow the instructions on the screen.

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